Office of the Oklahoma Attorney General

Office of the Attorney General
State of Oklahoma

Great Seal of Oklahoma

Agency overview

November 17, 1907

Preceding agency

Office of the Territorial Attorney General

313 NE 21 Street
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Annual budget
$25.2 million

Agency executive

Scott Pruitt, Attorney General

Office of the Attorney General

The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) is an agency of the Oklahoma state government that is headed by the Attorney General of Oklahoma. The OAG is responsible for supervising the administration of justice across the State, providing legal assistance to the State government, and prosecuting violators of State law.
The 17th and current Attorney General is Scott Pruitt, a Republican who assumed office on January 10, 2011


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The office of the Attorney General is divided into several units:

Attorney General

First Assistant Attorney General

Civil Division

Consumer Protection Unit – Provides mediation services to consumers to help resolve complaints against businesses. The Division can also provide information about complaints that have been filed against businesses, and provide publications to help you make good decisions in the marketplace. The Division also brings law enforcement actions against businesses that harm large numbers of Oklahoma consumers through unfair and deceptive practices.
Environmental Protection Unit – Division active in every area of environmental and natural resources law. Unit personnel protect the state’s air, land, water and natural resources from pollution by investigating allegations of pollution and aggressively seeking remedies in both criminal and civil courts. The unit also provides legal advice and representation to state environmental agencies and chairs the Environmental Crimes Task Force, a collection of state, federal and local agencies united for the purpose of coordinating investigations and assuring efficient use of resources.
General Counsel Unit – A major function of the Attorney General is to assists public officials in the performance of their duties, seeking to provide the best legal advice possible for the good of the State and its citizens. Most Attorney General Opinions are written by members of the General Counsel Unit. These opinions are binding on state agencies unless overturned by a ruling from a court of competent jur